Antarctica & Arctic

"U.S. Sinks Arctic Accord Due To Climate Change Differences: Diplomats"

"The United States has refused to sign an agreement on challenges in the Arctic due to discrepancies over climate change wording, diplomats said on Tuesday, jeopardising cooperation in the polar region at the sharp edge of global warming."

Source: Reuters, 05/08/2019

Prospect of Commercial Fishing In Central Arctic Ocean Poses Big Questions

"There has never been commercial fishing in the central Arctic Ocean — the part that surrounds the North Pole and is beyond any country’s jurisdiction. But with ice-free conditions projected within this century, countries are already preparing for how to deal with that possibility in the future."

Source: NPR, 03/06/2019
March 15, 2019

DEADLINE: Arctic Opportunity for Science Journalists

The Alfred Wegener Institute invites proposals from media professionals to spend six weeks aboard a Russian icebreaker reporting on a climate research mission in the Arctic, mid-September to late October 2019. Apply by Mar 15.



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