"Antarctica: Too Big to Melt"

"A summer of extremes leaves sobering questions about the state of Earth’s largest store of ice, capable of inundating coastlines worldwide as it melts."

"“What happens in Antarctica affects us all,” says Ella Gilbert, a climate scientist with the British Antarctic Survey.

But does everyone know what’s happening in Antarctica, let alone understand how events there could threaten communities around the world?

Some people may have gotten a hint during a brief few days in February, when international headlines reported record heat baking the Antarctic Peninsula at the height of the southern hemisphere’s summer. It was a rare moment in which our southernmost continent made worldwide news.

But the broader story — one that’s since been eclipsed by coverage of the COVID-19 pandemic — gained much less attention. February’s heat, it turns out, was just one in a string of climate-related developments on the continent that could affect the whole planet."

Tim Lydon reports for The Revelator May 4, 2020.

Source: The Revelator, 05/05/2020