Laws & Regulations

"U.S. EPA To Hand Over Biofuel Exemption Documents To GAO Probe"

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is handing over to the Government Accountability Office information on oil refiners that petitioned for exemptions to biofuel blending mandates, in an effort to help the government watchdog investigate the exemption program."

Source: Reuters, 05/06/2021

"Controversial Mining Operation Ignoring Orders To Halt"

"A Tennessee gravel and sand mining operator has been ignoring a cease and desist letter for months, and opponents say its continued construction on the banks of North America’s most biodiverse river may already be harming wildlife."

Source: AP, 05/06/2021

"Maine Fishing Interests Seek Total Ban On Offshore Wind Energy"

"More than 60 commercial fishermen and their supporters testified Tuesday in favor of a bill that would block any attempt to develop offshore wind projects anywhere along the Maine coast."

Source: Portland Press Herald, 05/06/2021

"Electricity: Report Offers Biden Framework For A Clean Energy Standard"

"Over a quarter-century, proposals for a clean energy standard (CES) have flared up and sputtered out, done in by political indifference or opposition to mandatory federal controls to shrink power plant carbon emissions. President Biden's climate team is searching now for the right design for a CES — an essential pathway toward his far-reaching clean energy goals — making the definition a high-stakes question."

Source: E&E News, 05/05/2021


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