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Blackjewel’s Bankruptcy Sign of Trouble for Plummeting Coal Industry

"A federal bankruptcy judge in West Virginia could soon decide whether to allow the Blackjewel coal mining company, once the nation’s sixth-largest coal producer, to shed responsibility for thousands of strip-mined acres, setting up a potential crisis over clean-up and reclamation of the land."

Source: Inside Climate News, 03/04/2021

"Environmental Settlement Tool’s Reboot Leaves Target on its Back"

"A popular tool brought back by the Biden administration is expected to fuel future legal challenges for the Justice Department and the Environmental Protection Agency in their shared enforcement of anti-pollution laws."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 03/02/2021

Biden Admin To Consider Carbon Border Tax As Part Of Trade Agenda: USTR

"The Biden administration said on Monday it would consider carbon border adjustment taxes to help cut greenhouse gas emissions in global trade and to combat China’s use of forced labor among Uighur Muslims in its western Xinjiang region."

Source: Reuters, 03/02/2021

Austin Had A Bold New Climate Plan – Until A Gas Company Got Involved

"When the city of Austin drafted a plan to shift away from fossil fuels, the local gas company was fast on the scene to try to scale back the ambition of the effort." "The fossil fuel industry is using the same playbook to fight city climate plans around the country".

Source: Floodlight, 03/02/2021


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