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Overriding global concern around climate change puts it at the top of most environmental journalists' story lists. But climate change's pervasive impacts and deep complexities make it an especially daunting topic to cover. So the Society of Environmental Journalists offers this extensive Climate Change Resource Guide to reporters and editors, especially those newer to the climate change beat, in order to support their coverage of this all-important topic.

As a work in progress, we invite you to share additional resources or other insights that may make the guide more useful or comprehensive. Email suggestions to​ 


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Climate Science 101, Guides & Training

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Key Climate Change Sources & Experts

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Climate Change Solutions

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Plus: Special Report: Covering Climate Solutions


The Climate Change Resource Guide was produced by SEJournal Editor Adam Glenn with researchers Frances Backhouse and Katina Paron, SEJ Web Content Manager Cindy MacDonald and producer Jazmine Oliver. The guide is a work in progress, organized with the help of a wide array of individuals (see below), and constantly being improved and expanded. We invite you to share resources you've found helpful or other insights that may make the guide more useful or comprehensive. Contact Glenn with suggestions at​

The editors thank Susan Hassol for her thoughtful guidance on the project, and the following individuals for their role in helping conceive and develop the resource guide: Emilia Askari, Morgan Block, Judy Fahys, Christopher Flavelle, Christy George, Michael Kodas, Francesca Lyman, Karen Schaefer, John Upton and Carolyn Whetzel, as well as additional members of the SEJ Editorial Advisory Board. Thanks go, as well, to SEJ's Joe Davis, whose earlier SEJ Climate Change Guide proved an invaluable resource for so many for so long. And finally, the editors have endless gratitude for SEJ Executive Director Meaghan Parker and her continuing support, patience and wise counsel during the project's gestation, launch and updates.