"White House Alarm Rises Over Europe As Putin Threatens Energy Supply"

"White House officials are growing increasingly alarmed about Europe’s energy crisis and Russian President Vladimir Putin’s threats to force a bleak winter on the continent." "Biden aides have redoubled efforts to increase natural gas exports across the Atlantic but see few obvious solutions".

Source: Washington Post, 09/13/2022

"U.N. Inspectors Call for Security Zone Around Nuclear Plant"

"Shelling at a nuclear plant in Ukraine has “gravely concerned” international monitors who believe a security protection zone should be established immediately, the United Nations’ nuclear watchdog agency said in a report on Tuesday after inspectors visited the embattled Zaporizhzhia facility."

Source: NYTimes, 09/07/2022

"Collateral Damage: The Environmental Cost of the Ukraine War"

"As the war in Ukraine drags on, scientists are increasingly concerned about the environmental consequences of the destruction. From forests ignited by shelling to wrecked factories spewing pollution to precarious nuclear plants, the long-term impacts could be profound."

Source: YaleE360, 09/01/2022


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