"Inside The Effort To Uncage A Bipartisan Wildlife Bill"

"Five-and-a-half years ago, a band of lawmakers united behind an ambitious bill to recover and preserve America’s wildlife. It had the backing of the founder of Bass Pro Shops and the head of the National Wildlife Federation. Republicans and Democrats rushed to co-sponsor it. And yet, it still remains unfinished business."

Source: E&E News, 01/19/2022

Deep in the Heart of Complexity … Or, the View From Texas

As the Society of Environmental Journalists prepares for its annual conference in Houston this March, the SEJournal asked Texas-based reporter Greg Harman to explore the Lone Star State's most critical stories for 2022. Here, in this special Texas-focused TipSheet, are leads, resources, encouragements and challenges.

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"CDC Warns Americans: Don’t Kiss Or Snuggle Your Bearded Dragon"

"Snuggling a bearded dragon could end up being a stomach-churning experience. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention on Tuesday published information suggesting that a recent salmonella outbreak in 25 states seems to be linked to people who got up close and personal with one of the lizards."

Source: HuffPost, 01/14/2022


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