September 1, 2024

DEADLINE: Climate Change and Labour Film Grant

The Pulitzer Center, the Financial Times and One World Media seek an experienced filmmaker who wants to explore, through a short documentary, how climate change is affecting lives and work in the global south. Receive funding, commission, global promotion, mentoring and more. Deadline is Sep 1, 2024.


"Mexico Elects Climate Scientist As First Female President"

"Claudia Sheinbaum has been elected Mexico’s first ever female president in a historic result. Dr Sheinbaum, 61, a climate scientist and former mayor of Mexico City, is a member of the leftist Morena party and the handpicked successor to populist Andres Manuel López Obrador."

Source: Telegraph, 06/03/2024

"The Other Border Dispute Is Over an 80-Year-Old Water Treaty"

"With another hot summer looming, Mexico is behind on its water deliveries to the United States, leading to water cutbacks in South Texas. A little-known federal agency has hit a roadblock in its efforts to get Mexico to comply."

Source: Inside Climate News, 05/30/2024

"What’s At Stake For The Environment In Mexico’s Upcoming Election?"

"Mexico will hold elections on June 2 that are likely to shape the country for years to come. In addition to president, all 500 deputies in the lower house of Congress and all 128 seats in the Senate are on the ballot. The winners will have to reckon with a host of pressing environmental concerns that range from renewable energy and mining to access to clean water and infrastructure."

Source: Mongabay, 05/28/2024

‘Heat Dome’ Leads To Sweltering In Mexico, Central America And US South

"Extreme heat in Mexico, Central America and parts of the U.S. South has left millions of people in sweltering temperatures, strained energy grids and resulted in iconic Howler monkeys in Mexico dropping dead from trees."

Source: AP, 05/24/2024


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