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"EPA Hits Troubled Virgin Islands Oil Refinery With A Violation Notice"

"A giant oil and gas refinery was served with a “notice of violation” by the Environmental Protection Agency following two major accidents that released noxious fumes and a chemical-filled vapor cloud over nearby neighborhoods in the U.S. Virgin Islands."

Source: Washington Post, 05/04/2021

Reporting on Poor, Kids Sickened by Industrial Air Pollution

Pittsburgh is known for its history of steel production … and of air pollution. In the new Inside Story, reporter Kristina Marusic talks about capturing the health impacts of air emissions in western Pennsylvania, and shares insights on how dogged environmental justice reporting can make the links between pollution cuts and health impacts. Plus, tips on managing a long reporting project, creating infographics and using video.

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Deadly Air Pollutant Disproportionately Harms Americans Of Color: Study

"Black, Latino and Asian Americans face higher levels of exposure to fine particulate matter from traffic, construction and other sources".

"Nearly every source of the nation’s most pervasive and deadly air pollutant disproportionately affects Americans of color, regardless of their state or income level, according to a study published Wednesday. The analysis of fine-particle matter, which includes soot, shows how decisions made decades ago about where to build highways and industrial plants continue to harm the health of Black, Latino and Asian Americans today.

Source: Washington Post, 04/29/2021

13 U.S. Refineries Exceeded Emissions Limits For Cancer-Causing Benzene

"Thirteen U.S. oil refineries released the cancer-causing chemical benzene in concentrations that exceeded federal limits last year, according to government data published by the green group Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) on Wednesday."

Source: Reuters, 04/29/2021

"Infrastructure Money Could Aid Push To Plug Oil, Gas Wells"

"By some accounts, Pennsylvania has the worst accumulation of old, unplugged, ownerless oil and gas wells in the nation. There are an estimated 200,000 of them, and the cost to plug them could exceed $6 billion. The state’s orphan well plugging program has been underfunded for decades, but it is primed to take advantage of an influx of cash."

Source: Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, 04/27/2021

Fla. Passes Bill To Protect Sugar Farmers From Health Hazard Suits

"Persuaded by testimony from the leaders in the Glades agriculture community that sugar burning is not harming their residents, the Florida House on Thursday sent to the governor a bill that gives the agriculture industry protection from lawsuits related to long-term health damage."

Source: Miami Herald, 04/26/2021

Biden DOT Proposes Restoring Calif.'s Right To Set Car Pollution Rules

"The Transportation Department announced Thursday it was withdrawing part of a Trump-era rule that blocked states from setting their own tough car pollution standards, setting the stage for a return of broader power to California to fight climate change."

Source: LA Times, 04/23/2021


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