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"More States Follow California's Lead On Vehicle Emissions Standards"

"An increasing number of states are looking to follow the precedent set by California and adopt stricter vehicle emissions standards as the Biden administration appears poised to green light those efforts."

Source: The Hill, 03/02/2021

Texas Freeze Led To Release Of Tons Of Air Pollutants As Refineries Shut

"The largest U.S. oil refiners released tons of air pollutants into the skies over Texas this past week, according to figures provided to the state, as refineries and petrochemical plants in the region scrambled to shut production during frigid weather."

Source: Reuters, 02/22/2021

15 States Sue NHTSA Over Delayed Hike In Automaker Emissions Penalties

"Fifteen U.S. states sued the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) on Tuesday after it agreed last month under then-President Donald Trump to an auto industry request to delay the start of dramatically higher penalties for companies that fail to meet fuel efficiency requirements."

Source: Reuters, 02/17/2021


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