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To maintain the strongest possible news standards for all SEJ publications, including SEJournal Online, SEJ has an Editorial Advisory Board made up of SEJournal Online editors, along with representatives of the SEJ membership and board of directors. Editorial Advisory Board Chair is Robert McClure. Editorial Director for SEJ Publications is Adam Glenn.



EJToday is a daily weekday digest of top environment/energy news and information of interest to environmental journalists, independently curated by EJToday Editor Joseph A. Davis. Sign up below to receive in your inbox each weekday morning. And be sure to follow the latest from EJToday on Twitter on @EJTodayNews.

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SEJournal Online

SEJournal Online is the weekly digital news magazine of the Society of Environmental Journalists. Each week, under Editor Adam Glenn, SEJournal Online and our associated e-newsletter bring you in-depth insight into the environment beat through features and columns, free to all and easy to search and share. In addition, the print edition of the SEJournal, from 2016 back to Vol. 1, No 1. in 1990, continues through the online archives. SEJ members are automatically subscribed. Non-members may subscribe using the link below.

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Special Reports

Special Reports are published on an occasional basis, and include the annual Journalists' Guide to Energy & Environment, a Covering Climate Solutions package and periodic regional guides to "Covering Your Climate."

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Topics on the Beat is a treasure chest of information useful to your reporting. It can be hard to know where to begin digging for all this wealth. So here we offer our web content, including SEJournal stories, organized by environmental issue (also known as Topics on the Beat). Current topics include agriculture, biodiversity, climate change, disasters, energy, environmental justice, the food system, hurricanes, water & oceans and wildfire.

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Climate Change Resource Guide

Overriding global concern around climate change puts it at the top of most environmental journalists' story lists. But climate change's pervasive impacts and deep complexities make it an especially daunting topic to cover. So the Society of Environmental Journalists offers this extensive Climate Change Resource Guide to reporters and editors, especially those newer to the climate change beat, in order to support their coverage of this all-important topic.

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Editorial Advisory Board

Statement of Purpose

The role of the Editorial Advisory Board, or EAB, is to help maintain the editorial integrity and independence of SEJ publications by consulting regularly with publication editors on editorial content for SEJ publications. The EAB may also be called upon to advise SEJ's executive director on publications strategy, as needed. The EAB convenes periodically to review the workings of the publication team, identify important environmental topics worthy of in-depth coverage, or address other matters related to SEJ publications.


“The SEJ Board of Directors delegates the authority to form the Editorial Advisory Board (EAB) to the SEJournal Editor. The SEJ Board understands that the Editor will form the EAB by recruiting SEJournal Editors. The members of the EAB will elect a Chair. The SEJ Board will designate one SEJ board member to be a liaison to the EAB.” (Approved by the SEJ Board, March 4, 2023, with delegation of authority voted annually.)

The EAB is made up of the following members, recruited from within SEJ membership with goals of diversity, equity and inclusion in mind: The SEJournal's volunteer section editors (selected by the SEJournal editor), the editorial director of publications and/or SEJournal editor (serving ex officio), other SEJ publications editorial staff, a chairperson (any SEJ member in good standing, to be nominated and selected by EAB members every two years) and an SEJ Board liaison (appointed by the SEJ Board of Directors every two years).

The chair of the EAB convenes and guides discussions by the board, seeking consensus, and may also be called upon to provide feedback on or help edit the online publication’s content, or address other editorial matters related to SEJ Publications.

The Board liaison to the EAB serves in an advisory capacity to ensure that the EAB is up to date regarding organizational priorities and other considerations that relate to the publication's mission.