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"What The Budget Deal Means For Climate Policy"

"Many Democrats were in high spirits yesterday after agreeing to a $3.5 trillion budget resolution that will lay the groundwork for an array of climate priorities, but their celebrations will be short-lived as they begin jockeying over policy specifics and the complex rules that govern the reconciliation process."

Source: E&E News, 07/16/2021

"The Science Of Forest Biomass: Conflicting Studies Map The Controversy"

"A major political and environmental dispute is heating up as the forestry industry and governments promote forest biomass — cutting trees, turning them into wood pellets, and burning them to make electricity. "

Source: Mongabay, 07/13/2021

Billions In Fishing Subsidies Finance Social, Ecological Harm: Report

"A new report found that the world’s top 10 fishing nations are spending billions of dollars on harmful fishing subsidies to not only exploit their own domestic waters, but to fish in the high seas and the waters of other nations."

Source: Mongabay, 07/08/2021

Canadian Governments Spent $23 Billion Supporting 3 Pipelines Since 2018

"A new report finds Canadian governments have provided billions to support pipelines — none of which have been completed to date — even as experts worry pipelines themselves undermine progress on climate goals".

Source: The Narwhal, 07/07/2021

As Time Runs Out To Cut Carbon From Buildings, Industry Tightens Its Grip

"Buildings are huge generators of planet-warming gases, with fossil fuels responsible for everything from heating and cooling to cooking and charging our devices. Experts say a massive overhaul of building efficiency is imperative within the next decade to prevent catastrophic warming."

Source: HuffPost, 07/02/2021


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