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October 6, 2022

Webinar: Covering Indigenous Land Rights and Extractive Industry Impacts

In Mongabay's latest webinar, expert panelists will discuss Indigenous peoples and land rights, extractive industry impacts such as mining, oil and gas, among others, and the complexities, challenges and questions journalists often face when covering these topics. 7:00 p.m. ET.


"Embattled World Bank Leader ‘Slow-Walking’ Climate Initiatives"

"World Bank chief David Malpass tried desperately Thursday to convince global leaders that he knows climate change is caused by burning oil, gas and coal. But, by then, the bank itself was under scrutiny for propping up fossil fuel production."

Source: E&E News, 09/23/2022
September 28, 2022

Media Briefing: Going Beyond Carbon – Community Impact of High-Quality Offset Projects

This online media briefing is moderated by Nick Nuttall, formerly of UNEP and UNFCCC. Learn about and discuss with global climate leaders how high-quality carbon credits provide benefits beyond emissions reductions – including biodiversity and habitat conservation, improved health and livelihoods, and more. 10am ET.


"Climate Law Spurs CCS At New West Virginia Gas Plant"

"Competitive Power Ventures Inc. announced plans Friday to build a multibillion-dollar natural gas power plant in West Virginia with carbon capture technology, saying the project would not be possible without the new climate and energy law."

Source: E&E News, 09/20/2022

Vulnerable Nations Demand Global Tax To Pay For Climate Loss And Damage

"The world’s most vulnerable countries are preparing to take on the richest economies with a demand for urgent finance – potentially including new taxes on fossil fuels or flying – for the irrecoverable losses they are suffering from the climate crisis, leaked documents show."

Source: Guardian, 09/20/2022

New Docs Show Oil Companies Slow-Rolling, Overselling Climate Initiatives

"Congressional Democrats presented fresh evidence Thursday which they say proves that oil companies are continuing to mislead the public on climate change and undercut global efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions."

Source: Inside Climate News, 09/16/2022


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