All forms of advocacy, esp. environmental groups.

New Anti-SLAPP Bill Would Protect Activists From Abusive Lawsuits

"The bill introduced last week follows efforts in 32 states to dissuade companies and individuals from filing lawsuits that aren’t intended to prevail in court, but to be so costly for defendants that they discourage criticism."

Source: Inside Climate News, 09/26/2022

Toolbox on Nature-Based Solutions and Native/Indigenous Perspectives

As concerns over global warming, the endangerment of plant and animal species, and water rights escalate, many environmentalists are turning to Indigenous people for guidance. As part of a Society of Environmental Journalists special initiative focused on covering climate solutions, we take a closer look at nature-based solutions and Indigenous people with reporter Brian Bull. Check out a resource toolbox and stay tuned for a reporting tipsheet in coming weeks. Plus, be sure to register for a Sept. 28 webinar on covering Indigenous communities and nature-based climate solutions.

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September 20, 2022 to September 23, 2022

Clean Energy Justice (CEJ) Convergence

More than 45 organizations will come together in Pittsburgh to stand in solidarity with people around the world working to advance truly clean energy justice. CEJ will spotlight Indigenous leaders from the Lummi Nation and frontline community activists from SW Pennsylvania, the Pacific Northwest and the Gulf Coast.


Will Congress Pass Manchin’s Energy Permitting 'Side Deal'?

In the fine print of the historic Biden climate bill is a controversial commitment to pass legislation on fossil fuel permitting, a measure deeply opposed by the environmental community and calling for heavy political muscle to move through Congress this month. Issue Backgrounder details what’s in it, and what’s not, and takes the measure of the measure’s prospects.

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