Cambodian Mekong Mega Dam’s Resurrection ‘The Beginning Of The End’

"A long-dormant plan to build a mega dam on the mainstream of the Mekong River in Cambodia’s northeastern Stung Treng province appears to have been revived this year, leaving locals immediately downstream of the potential sites worried and experts confounded."

Source: Mongabay, 09/21/2022

Author Shares Unorthodox Look at the Ways of Water

How water moves through the global ecosystem and shapes our landscapes is the subject of a must-read new book by writer Erica Gies, according to BookShelf editor Tom Henry. A significant part of water’s story is how humanity invariably fails when trying to manipulate it. But hope may reside with Gies’ various “water detectives,” who explore how to “let water go where it wants to go.”

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"Climate Envoy John Kerry Seeks Restart to US Emissions Talks With China"

"John Kerry, the Biden administration’s special presidential envoy for climate, has praised China’s efforts at tackling global warming and urged Beijing to resume suspended talks on the issue, even as tensions flare with Washington over the status of Taiwan."

Source: Inside Climate News, 08/31/2022

"Explainer: Pakistan Fatal Flooding Has Hallmarks Of Warming"

"The familiar ingredients of a warming world were in place: searing temperatures, hotter air holding more moisture, extreme weather getting wilder, melting glaciers, people living in harm’s way, and poverty. They combined in vulnerable Pakistan to create unrelenting rain and deadly flooding."

Source: AP, 08/31/2022

"China’s Record Drought Is Drying Rivers and Feeding Its Coal Habit"

"Dry weather in southwestern China has crippled huge hydroelectric dams, forcing cities to impose rolling blackouts and driving up the country’s use of coal."

"HONG KONG — Car assembly plants and electronics factories in southwestern China have closed for lack of power. Owners of electric cars are waiting overnight at charging stations to recharge their vehicles. Rivers are so low there that ships can no longer carry supplies.

Source: NYTimes, 08/29/2022


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