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Texas Heat Deaths Climb After Beryl Left Millions Without Power For Days

"As the temperature soared in the Houston-area home Janet Jarrett shared with her sister after losing electricity in Hurricane Beryl, she did everything she could to keep her 64-year-old sibling cool."

Source: LA Times, 07/22/2024
July 25, 2024 to August 20, 2024

Fuel, Foul Air and Fallout: The Health Tolls of Energy and Defense in the U.S.

Join the Pulitzer Center for three virtual discussions about projects that investigate how extractive industries and defense impact Americans’ health. Register for one or all, on July 25, Aug 13 and 20, 2024.


Texas Leaders Worry That Bitcoin Mines Threaten to Crash State Power Grid

"Residents in the small town of Granbury are raising alarms over noise from a local Bitcoin mine, while state lawmakers warn that the energy-hungry facilities risk “crashing” the electrical grid."

Source: Inside Climate News, 07/11/2024

Border Town Firefighters Scramble To Save Migrants From Extreme Summer Heat

It’s a relatively quiet — and hot — afternoon at Sunland Park’s Fire Department Station 1. ... Suddenly, a loud radio call blasts through the station’s speakers. ... Four firefighters rush to get ready, which includes loading ice into a cooler. The ice is essential — it's used to lower the body temperature of someone in distress from extreme heat."

Source: NPR, 07/09/2024

GAO Safety Review of USFS Prescribed Fires Finds Gaps In Key Areas

"Two years after the U.S. Forest Service sparked what would become the largest and most destructive wildfire in New Mexico’s recorded history, independent investigators say there are gaps that need to be addressed if the agency is to be successful at using prescribed fire as a tool to reduce risk amid climate change."

Source: AP, 07/09/2024

"Water-Rich Gila River Tribe Near Phoenix Flexes Its Political Muscles"

"Stephen Roe Lewis grew up seeing stacks of legal briefs at the dinner table — often, about his tribe’s water. His father, the late Rodney Lewis, was general counsel for the Gila River Indian Community and fought for the tribe’s rights to water in the Southwest, eventually securing in 2004 the largest Native American water settlement in U.S. history."

Source: AP, 06/28/2024


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