Preventing Next Pandemic Is Vastly Cheaper Than Reacting To It: Study

"A new study emphasizes the need to stop pandemics before they start, stepping beyond the quest for new vaccines and treatments for zoonotic diseases to also aggressively fund interventions that prevent them from happening in the first place."

Source: Mongabay, 02/09/2022

"Top Cat: Why The Puma Is A Leading Influencer In The Animal Kingdom"

"From the Canadian Rockies to Patagonia, pumas have the largest terrestrial range of any mammal in the Americas. Now, a new study has reported the web of life these elusive cats support, showing how they are connected to more than 485 other species, from eagles feeding on their carrion to elk impacted by their “fear effect”."

Source: Guardian, 02/07/2022

"Groundhogs, Out From the Scientific Shadows"

"New research aims to shed light on the social habits of the popular, but often misunderstood, animal."

"FALMOUTH, Maine — Groundhog Day may be a tongue-in-cheek holiday, but it remains the one day earmarked in the United States for an animal: Marmota monax, the largest and most widely distributed of the marmot genus, found munching on flowering plants — or, at this time of year, snuggling underground — from Alabama to Alaska.

Source: NYTimes, 02/01/2022


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