"U.S. Animal Industries Pose Disease Risks to People, Report Says"

"The United States is home to an enormous array of animal industries — including industrial agriculture, fur farming and the exotic pet trade — that pose a significant risk of creating infectious disease outbreaks in humans, according to a new report by experts at Harvard Law School and New York University."

Source: NYTimes, 07/07/2023

Ursine Odyssey Seeks Insight Into Future for Bears

A new book takes readers around the planet to better understand the world’s eight bear species and our relationships with them, including not just how we’ve popularized some but also the many ways we’ve mistreated or pushed others to the brink of extinction. In the new BookShelf, Frances Backhouse reviews Gloria Dickie’s just-published volume, “Eight Bears.” Plus, Freelance Files interviews Dickie.

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"Sick Sea Lions Washing Ashore In California Due To Algae Bloom"

"Rescued from the beach, a sick sea lion and her newborn pup are now on the mend with dozens of others at a marine mammal care center, part of effort by California wildlife experts responding to a sudden surge in animals falling ill to a neurotoxin."

Source: Reuters, 06/27/2023

"‘Chronic Wasting Disease’ Found In Florida Deer For First Time"

"A deadly disease that plagues deer was recently detected in the remains of a road-killed deer in Florida — marking the first known instance of the illness found in the state, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said Thursday."

Source: S Fl Sun-Sentinel, 06/26/2023

Monarch Butterflies' White Spots May Help Them Fly Farther: Scientists

"Think of a monarch butterfly, and a distinctive image pops up: black-and-orange wings, with a sprinkling of white spots around the black edges. Those white spots may actually help monarchs complete their long-distance migration by altering the air flow around their wings."

Source: NPR, 06/22/2023

Christian Cooper, Black Birder Falsely Accused In Central Park, Gets TV Show

"The name of National Geographic's new host for a show about birds may ring a bell: Christian Cooper, a Black man who was flung into the spotlight when a white woman called the police with false accusations against him, will now take viewers “into the wild, wonderful and unpredictable world of birds."

Source: USA TODAY, 06/20/2023


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