Expert Advice Helps Journalists Navigate Unfamiliar Scientific Seas

Journalists who lack a strong science background can find themselves in deep water when reporting environmental stories. How do you avoid over- or understating research findings? What’s the difference between observational and experimental studies? And what about those pesky percentages? Former Washington Post science reporter Rick Weiss and his SciLine colleagues have some answers.

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Pitching High and Tight — An Independent Journalist Finds Success

In her early days, freelancer Gloria Dickie aimed high, pitching her dream publication first, as well as offering newsier stories and short features instead of long-form. The formula worked, leading to assignments, a book project and a prestigious staff job. Freelance Files Co-Editor Christine Woodside spoke with Dickie about the lessons of a life as an independent. Plus, a BookShelf review of “Eight Bears” by a fellow bear connoisseur.

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"11 Wild Horses Dead After Helicopter Chase During Federal Roundup"

"Nearly a dozen wild horses have died in the first 10 days of a big mustang roundup in Nevada, deaths that a Las Vegas congresswoman is calling tragic proof of the urgent need to outlaw helicopters to capture the animals on federal land."

Source: AP, 07/21/2023

"Energy Groups Object to Conservation as Use of Public Lands"

"Defining conservation as a specific “use” of public lands is shaping up to be the primary point of legal opposition to a proposed federal lands rule that would prioritize conservation over fossil fuels extraction and allow public lands management to adapt to a changing climate."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 07/10/2023


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