‘Wild Souls’ Explores Paradox of Managing Species To Save Them

What does wildness mean when humans interfere with the lives of wild animals in order to protect them? A new volume, “Wild Souls,” explores that dilemma, whether arising through captive breeding programs to reintroduce the California condor and the gray wolf, by allowing hybridization or through the use of gene-editing tools. A review from BookShelf contributor Jenny Weeks.

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"Dragonflies Disappearing As Wetlands Are Lost"

"The loss of marshes, bogs and swamps is driving a rapid, global decline in dragonflies, researchers say.

Their plight has been highlighted by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature's latest Red List of Threatened Species, following its first comprehensive assessment of this colourful group of insects.

Wetlands loss is due to urbanisation and unsustainable agriculture, it says.

And now, 16% of the world's dragonflies are under threat of extinction. "

Source: BBC News, 12/10/2021

"Pushing Back On Lead Ammo And Fishing Tackle Misinformation"

"A science denial campaign is being waged to keep lead in hunting and fishing. Who’s fighting back and how should they do it? "

"Groups including the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation (CSF), the National Rifle Association (NRA), and the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) are waging science denial campaigns to keep lead products in hunting ammunition and fishing tackle.

As a result, wildlife is poisoned and human health is at risk.

Source: EHN, 12/08/2021

White Rhinos Flown From S. Africa To Rwanda In Largest Translocation

"In a bid to secure the future of the near threatened species, 30 animals have been driven, flown and finally rehomed in Akagera national park"

"Getting stuck into the in-flight wine wasn’t an option for the 30 passengers flying overnight from South Africa to Rwanda. Crew members instead worked to keep the first-time air travellers placid and problem-free. The last thing anyone wanted was a 1.5-ton rhino on the rampage aboard a Boeing 747.

Source: Guardian, 12/01/2021


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