Climate Change

"A New Study on Regenerative Grazing Complicates Climate Optimism"

"At White Oak Pastures, an eastern Georgia-based sixth-generation farm, Will Harris “went rogue” and began to transition away from industrial cattle ranching 25 years ago. Since then, Harris has been rotating organic cattle, chickens, and pigs on 3,000 acres of pasture in an effort to improve land degraded by years of conventional cotton and peanut production."

Source: Civil Eats, 01/07/2021

"Grasslands May Soon Produce More Greenhouse Gases Than They Sequester"

"The world’s grasslands are an essential carbon sink, and may even be more efficient at capturing atmospheric carbon than trees. But thanks to animal agriculture and fertilizer use, they’re now producing as much greenhouse gas pollution as they sequester, according to a new study published in Nature Communications on Tuesday."

Source: Earther, 01/06/2021


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