Climate Change

"Oil Companies Stockpile Drilling Permits, Challenging Biden On Climate"

"In the closing months of the Trump administration, energy companies stockpiled enough drilling permits for western public lands to keep pumping oil for years and undercut President-elect Joe Biden’s plans to curb new drilling because of climate change, according to public records and industry analysts."

Source: AP, 01/11/2021

$95 Billion Damages: US Saw Record Year For Climate-Driven Catastrophes

"The US was battered by a record number of weather and climate-driven disasters in 2020 as extensive wildfires scorched the west, hurricanes in quick succession pummeled the east and extreme heat swept across the heart of the country, a new federal government report has shown."

Source: Guardian, 01/11/2021

"Cutting Concrete’s Carbon Footprint"

"After years of slow headway, building design and industry professionals say sharp reductions in the climate impact of concrete are possible now. That is significant because cement, the critical glue that holds concrete together, is so carbon-intensive that if it were a country, it would rank fourth in the world as a climate polluter."

Source: Greentech Media, 01/08/2021


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