"Megadrought to Pit Fish Lives Against Human Needs in U.S. West"

"Water cuts aimed at farmers amid the West’s megadrought have set the stage for bitter legal and political fights over one of the most overlooked water uses—the right of water to remain in streams to sustain fish and endangered species, lawyers say."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 08/24/2021

Air Quality Monitors — and Their Data — Now Easy To Find Via Online Map

High-impact environmental stories often come by tracking polluted air, whether from summer smog, wildfire smoke or numerous other sources. Reporter’s Toolbox offers a series of air pollution data reporting resources, including an interactive map of U.S. air quality monitors. Get the details, plus eight smart suggestions for critical stories from the air pollution data you tap.

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"Drought-Weakened Bee Colonies Shrink U.S. Honey Crop, Threaten Almonds"

"There was barely a buzz in the air as John Miller pried the lid off of a crate, one of several "bee boxes" stacked in eight neat piles beside a cattle grazing pasture outside Gackle, North Dakota. 'Nothing,' Miller said as he lifted a plastic hive frame from the box, squirming with only a few dozen bees."

Source: Reuters, 08/20/2021

"10th Circuit Rules Kansas 'Ag-Gag' Law Unconstitutional"

"A divided federal appeals court on Thursday affirmed that parts of Kansas' "ag-gag" law - among the first laws in the nation restricting undercover animal rights activists - violates the First Amendment, upholding a permanent prohibition against the state enforcing the provisions."

Source: Reuters, 08/20/2021

First-Ever Colorado R. Water Shortage To Bring Cuts For Arizona Farmers

"The federal government on Monday declared a first-ever water shortage on the Colorado River, announcing mandatory cutbacks next year that will bring major challenges for Arizona farmers and reduce the water allotments of Nevada and Mexico."

Source: Arizona Republic, 08/17/2021


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