Bayer Pays $12 Billion to Settle Some Roundup Liabilities

"Bayer AG agreed to spend more than $12 billion to resolve thousands of U.S. lawsuits and deal with future claims, taking its biggest step so far in resolving headaches the German chemical giant inherited in its acquisition of Monsanto Co."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 06/25/2020

"A Long-Simmering Water Battle Comes To A Boil In Southern California"

"If, like me, you live in Los Angeles — or Denver, Las Vegas, Phoenix or Salt Lake City — you drink water from the Colorado River. You probably eat vegetables grown with Colorado River water, and maybe you eat beef fed on alfalfa grown with Colorado River water. When you switch on a light or charge your phone, some of the electricity may be generated by Colorado River water."

Source: LA Times, 06/22/2020


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