The Community We’ve Long Ignored

Veteran environmental justice reporter Yessenia Funes this week launches “Voices of Environmental Justice,” her new SEJournal column. Each quarterly commentary will focus on spotlighting the perspectives of affected communities that environmental and climate journalists often ignore. For her inaugural entry, with Pride month nearing its end, a look at how climate change and environmental pollution exacerbate the already elevated health risks of LGBTQIA+ people.

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Fertilizer Giant Threw Fundraiser for Sponsor of FL ‘Radioactive Roads’ Bill

"Tampa-based Fortune 500 fertilizer company Mosaic last month hosted and paid nearly $25,000 for a fundraising event for the state lawmaker who sponsored the controversial “radioactive roads” bill recently approved by the Florida Legislature."

Source: Tampa Bay Times, 06/26/2023

Its Promised Land Drying, Mormon Church Works To Save The Great Salt Lake

"Because of overuse of water and climate change, the Great Salt Lake is drying up — and the Mormon Church is taking on an unusually public role to help save it."

Source: Washington Post, 06/26/2023

Lenders Continue Pouring Money Into Meat and Dairy, Despite Climate Promises

"The world’s biggest development banks have agreed that they will funnel their financial support to businesses that promise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But a new analysis published Wednesday by animal and environmental advocacy groups says those banks have given billions to big livestock and grain companies expanding greenhouse gas-intensive agricultural systems."

Source: Inside Climate News, 06/22/2023


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