A Racist Past And Hotter Future Testing Western Water Like Never Before

"As droughts strain water supplies across Western states, some cities and farmers have struggled with mandatory cutbacks. Determining who gets cut is decided by the foundational pecking order of Western water: the older your claim to water, created as the country expanded westward, the better protected it is."

Source: NPR, 07/11/2023

U.S. Banned Use of Brain-Harming Pesticide on Food -- But Slowed a Global Ban

"Chlorpyrifos is so harmful that America banned its use on food. But a top EPA official made it clear that the U.S. was not ready to support similar protections for the rest of the world under a treaty that restricts pollutants that travel the globe."

Source: ProPublica, 07/11/2023

"U.S. Animal Industries Pose Disease Risks to People, Report Says"

"The United States is home to an enormous array of animal industries — including industrial agriculture, fur farming and the exotic pet trade — that pose a significant risk of creating infectious disease outbreaks in humans, according to a new report by experts at Harvard Law School and New York University."

Source: NYTimes, 07/07/2023

Heat Is A Mortal Threat To Farmworkers. How To Protect Them.

"Pierson, Fla., calls itself the fern capital of the world, because of its many vast ferneries, where the feathery greens that end up tucked into bouquets of roses are grown. Those ferns are cut by workers like Severa and Felipa Cruz, sisters from Mexico. It is strenuous and increasingly hot work — so hot it can be life-threatening."

Source: Washington Post, 07/06/2023

"The Colorado River Flooded Chemehuevi Land. Decades Later, the Tribe Still Struggles to Take Its Share of Water. "

"The Chemehuevi’s reservation fronts about 30 miles of the Colorado River, yet 97% of the tribe’s water stays in the river, much of it used by Southern California cities. The tribe isn’t paid for it."

Source: ProPublica/HCN, 07/06/2023


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