October 6, 2023

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"Warmer Mediterranean Threatens Spain's Mussel Farms"

"Rising sea temperatures are killing mussels in Spain's Ebro delta and shellfish output is also suffering from Greece to Canada".

"EBRO DELTA, Spain - Mussel farmer Xavier Cabrera held out a handful of dry, dead mussels from his shellfish farm on the coast of the Ebro Delta, 100 miles (160 km) south of Barcelona. "Let's hope this isn't our future," he said ruefully.

A summer heatwave in the Mediterranean region killed off about 80% of the seed mussels - the tiny young that were going to be next year's harvest - and the little that was left of this year's production.

Source: Thomson Reuters Fdn., 10/02/2023

Britain Approves New North Sea Oil Drilling, Pleasing Industry Not Greens

"Britain on Wednesday gave the go-ahead for a major oil and gas project in the North Sea, ignoring warnings from scientists and the United Nations that countries must stop developing new fossil fuel resources if the world is to avoid catastrophic climate change."

Source: AP, 09/28/2023

"Dutch Firms Get Up To $49 Bln Annually In Fossil Fuel Subsidies -Report"

"Industrial companies in the Netherlands get 39 billion to 46 billion euros ($42-49 billion) in tax breaks and subsidies annually for using fossil fuels, the Dutch government said in a report aimed at spurring international debate on such subsidies."

Source: Reuters, 09/20/2023


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