"Europe's Biggest Nuclear Plant - At Centre Of A War Zone And Dam Breach"

"A disastrous breach in Ukraine's huge Kakhovka dam has further stoked alarm over the safety of the nearby Russian-controlled Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, which has for months been a target of shelling due to its proximity to military front lines."

Source: Reuters, 06/14/2023

The Seven Stages of Beach Exploitation (and Restoration)

When most people think of coastal tourist destinations, they imagine beaches lined by palm trees and exclusive resorts. But those are exactly the kind of realities that contribute to the environmental and economic decline of coastal communities and their local residents, argues a new book. Contributing Editor Jenny Weeks has our review in the new BookShelf.

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Ads Claiming Products Are Carbon Neutral By Using Offsetting Face UK Ban

"Adverts that claim products are carbon neutral using offsets are to be banned by the UK’s advertising watchdog unless companies can prove they really work, the Guardian can reveal, as Gucci becomes the latest company to struggle with a high-profile environmental commitment based on offsetting."

Source: Guardian, 05/16/2023


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