What Will It Take for Geothermal To Heat Up the Renewable Energy Sector?

Geothermal has long been hyped as the next big thing in renewable energy, but its breakthrough moment hasn’t happened yet. Barriers to expansion include the elusiveness of sites offering the magic trio of heat, water and permeability and concern for unique ecosystems. Contributor Jessica McKenzie on geothermal energy’s possibilities and challenges and the government funding that may finally fire it up.

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Tracing Humanity’s Longtime Urge To Manage Moving Water

When humans began to put down roots, we also started to forge what Giulio Boccaletti calls a “social contract” with water. In his new book, “Water: A Biography,” the London-based scientist explores that relationship through a long historical lens. BookShelf contributor Gary Wilson reviews the volume and finds that political ambitions and economic development are central to the story.

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April 17, 2024 to April 21, 2024

International Journalism Festival

This annual media event takes place every April in Perugia, Italy. All sessions are free entry for all attendees, without tickets and without registration. In addition, all festival sessions are live streamed.

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March 7, 2023

6th GLF Investment Case Symposium

Local and international leaders and experts in sustainable finance for nature will gather in Luxembourg at the 6th GLF Investment Case Symposium to discuss how the financial sector can help overcome the world's biodiversity and climate crises. Media accreditation available. Online or in Luxembourg.


Epic Struggles Ahead in 2023 on Energy Transition, Pollution

In our annual analysis of what’s ahead on the environment beat in 2023, there are some things to count on: worsening climate disasters and continued politicking over energy transitions, but also regulatory action on greenhouse gas emissions (not to mention on “forever chemicals”). Other things are less clear: environmental rulings by a conservative U.S. Supreme Court, energy impacts of war in Europe and the effectiveness of COP28 and treaty talks on plastic pollution. Read the full overview and get more in our “2023 Journalists’ Guide to Energy & Environment” special report.

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Comment: Caledonian Pinewoods Face Extinction As Humanity Reshapes Planet

"Once they dominated much of the landscape but after centuries of deforestation their dwindling remains – just two per cent of the original – are now believed to be facing an existential threat from a combination of factors, including climate change, the planting of non-native species, and artificially high numbers of deer."

Source: The Scotsman, 02/06/2023


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