"Explainer: Pakistan Fatal Flooding Has Hallmarks Of Warming"

"The familiar ingredients of a warming world were in place: searing temperatures, hotter air holding more moisture, extreme weather getting wilder, melting glaciers, people living in harm’s way, and poverty. They combined in vulnerable Pakistan to create unrelenting rain and deadly flooding."

Source: AP, 08/31/2022

"China’s Record Drought Is Drying Rivers and Feeding Its Coal Habit"

"Dry weather in southwestern China has crippled huge hydroelectric dams, forcing cities to impose rolling blackouts and driving up the country’s use of coal."

"HONG KONG — Car assembly plants and electronics factories in southwestern China have closed for lack of power. Owners of electric cars are waiting overnight at charging stations to recharge their vehicles. Rivers are so low there that ships can no longer carry supplies.

Source: NYTimes, 08/29/2022
September 21, 2022 to September 22, 2022

OWM Global Reporting Summit 2022

This year's One World Media summit will be held over two days in Ramallah, Palestine (free, Sep 21) and in London (ticketed, Sep 22) as well as online. Speakers will explore the stories from spyware and cyber threats to forgotten conflicts and progress in press freedom. Discounts for students.

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"For Climate Migrants in Bangladesh, Town Offers New Life"

"MONGLA, Bangladesh — The 29-year-old Monira Khatun was devastated after her husband abandoned her suddenly. She returned to her father only to face another blow: He died soon after, leaving her to shoulder three other family members’ care. Without any work, she was worried about how she would feed them."

Source: AP, 08/01/2022

WTO Deal on Fishing Subsidies May Reduce Ocean Overfishing

A new World Trade Organization agreement to limit global overfishing may yield important stories for environmental journalists, as billions of people around the world rely on already heavily exploited fish stocks as their main source of protein. This Backgrounder offers details on the pact and how it tries to address the problem, while providing resources for your reporting.

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Can Qatar’s World Cup Really Be Carbon Neutral?

Qatar — the world’s highest carbon emitter on a per capita basis — made big promises in its winning bid for the 2022 FIFA World Cup. But will they deliver? Doha-based journalism professor Craig LaMay writes that while sports megaevent hosts face increasing pressure to address environmental concerns, critical coverage of their follow-through is challenging, especially in countries with no free press or public right to government information.

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