"Dangerous Heat Wave Strikes China"

"As dozens of cities in eastern and southern China issued heat alerts on Tuesday, with some temperature forecasts exceeding 104 degrees over the next 24 hours, health workers conducted outdoor coronavirus tests with packets of frozen snacks strapped to their white hazmat suits. Roofs melted, roads cracked and some residents sought relief in underground air-raid shelters."

Source: NYTimes, 07/13/2022
February 10, 2023

DEADLINE: Y. Eva Tan Conservation Reporting Fellowship Program

Mongabay's new six-month, twice-yearly remote program will support up to 12 young and aspiring journalists from the world's biodiversity hotspots — six at their global English bureau and six at their Spanish-language bureau. No educational prerequisites. Monthly stipend of $500 USD. Next deadline: Feb 10, 2023.


How 'Rights of Nature' Is Recasting the Relationship Between Law and the Earth

In 2006, a local government council in Pennsylvania concerned about sewage sludge dumping enacted the Western legal system’s first formal “rights of nature” instrument. Today, numerous countries have laws recognizing specific rights or even legal personhood for nature. As legal expert Alice Bleby explains, this new perspective arises from a wide range of contexts and plays out in many different ways.

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August 24, 2022 to August 26, 2022

Environmental Justice Briefing for Reporters on Plastic Pollution

Beyond Plastics invites journalists to Bennington College in Vermont for this two-day, in-person environmental justice briefing on plastic pollution issues, including its impact on frontline communities in the southern US and Indonesia.


‘Big Fish’ Report Hooks Prize With Look at Aquaculture and Environment

The challenges of sustainable aquaculture are at the heart of an extensive reporting project recognized in the Society of Environmental Journalists’ most recent round of reporting awards. In this Inside Story Q&A, Hakai Magazine’s founding editor, Jude Isabella (pictured at left), and author Brian Payton share insights into the series, which looks closely at the industry and its environmental costs.

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