"Norway Moves to Allow Seabed Mining Exploration"

"The Norwegian Parliament voted on Tuesday to authorize the opening of parts of the Norwegian Sea to seabed mining exploration, a move that reflects rising international demand for the metals needed to build batteries for electric vehicles worldwide."

Source: NYTimes, 01/10/2024

Where Has All The Honey Gone? Scientists Explain Declining Yields

"It’s a question that has bedeviled beekeepers across the US in recent years: where has all the honey gone? Scientists now say they have some answers as to why yields of honey have declined, pointing to environmental degradation that is affecting all sorts of bees, and insects more generally."

Source: Guardian, 01/09/2024

"Three Of California’s Biggest Climate Polluters Are In The Bay Area"

"California’s largest greenhouse gas polluters, from power plants to oil refineries to chemical manufacturers, produced slightly fewer emissions last year than the previous year, federal data shows. But it’s still too much planet-warming gas to cut significantly into the problem of climate change, environmentalists say."

Source: San Francisco Chronicle, 01/08/2024

Analysis: "‘Forever Chemicals’ Contaminate America’s Freshwater Fish"

"A recent study from The Environmental Working Group found that just one serving of fish can be equivalent to a month of drinking water contaminated with 48 parts per trillion of the common chemical PFOS."

Source: Washington Post, 01/05/2024


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