EPA Questioned About Approval of a Plastic-Based Fuel With Huge Cancer Risk

"A senator questioned the EPA chief and a group sued the agency after ProPublica and the Guardian revealed that the EPA gave a Chevron refinery approval to make a fuel that could leave people nearby with a 1-in-4 lifetime risk of cancer."

Source: ProPublica, 04/11/2023

With 'Silent Spring Revolution,' Historian Brings Pivotal Environmental Era to Life

For BookShelf Editor Tom Henry, historian Douglas Brinkley's latest volume is a remarkable opportunity for anyone seeking an in-depth understanding of the “Great Environmental Awakening” and the myriad personalities that helped drive it. And not just the names you’d expect, but unlikely ones such as convicted Watergate figure John Ehrlichman, MLK Jr. widow Coretta Scott King and UAW President Walter Reuther. Discover what other lessons abound in this “utterly brilliant” new book.

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E. Palestine Not Alone: Communities Around US Grapple With Toxic Exposure

"A February train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio, shone a spotlight on the impact of toxic chemicals. But communities who are exposed to such chemicals on a more routine basis say they’re still waiting for the same level of recognition."

Source: The Hill, 04/10/2023

Seasonal Fishing Stories Reflect a Changing Environment

As fishing season begins in many parts of the United States, climate change and pollution can make the sport a, well, can of worms. For the latest TipSheet, though, that means insights and stories for environmental journalists. A thumbnail on key issues, with story ideas and reporting resources. Plus, for those going to #SEJ2023 Boise, famed fishing spots.

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Is EV-Driven Demand for Lithium on Collision Course With Environment Concerns?

The push to replace gas-guzzling vehicles with electric-powered alternatives is hitting significant speed bumps. The existing supply of lithium for batteries can’t keep up with demand, and new mining proposals often face opposition from area residents worried about local impacts. Radio reporter David Boraks has been covering one such conflict in North Carolina. He shares his insights and reporting tips.

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