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Gulf Petrochemical Buildout Draws Tax Breaks Despite Pollution Violations

"A booming petrochemical buildout on the Gulf Coast has drawn billions of dollars in public subsidies from state tax abatement programs despite regular violations of pollution permits, according to a new report released Thursday."

Source: Inside Climate News, 03/15/2024

"EPA Cracks Down On Carcinogenic Pollution From Medical Plants"

"EPA on Thursday announced new regulations to slash releases of a cancer-causing compound used by dozens of medical equipment sterilization plants, often located in heavily populated and marginalized communities." "The rule would cut ethylene oxide releases at sterilization facilities by more than 90 percent."


Source: E&E News, 03/15/2024

"Miss. Senate Votes To Change Control Of Jackson’s Troubled Water System"

"For the second year in a row, the Mississippi Senate has passed a bill that would transfer control of the state capital city’s troubled water system to a regional board."

Source: AP, 03/14/2024

US Energy Industry Methane Emissions Are Triple What Government Thought

"American oil and natural gas wells, pipelines and compressors are spewing three times the amount of the potent heat-trapping gas methane as the government thinks, causing $9.3 billion in yearly climate damage, a new comprehensive study calculates."

Source: AP, 03/14/2024


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