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Enviros Demand Emergency Rules To Protect Rare Whales From Ship Collisions

"A coalition of environmental groups is calling on the federal government to enact emergency rules to protect a vanishing species of whale from lethal collisions with large ships. The groups filed their petition with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration on Sept. 28 in an effort to protect the North Atlantic right whale."

Source: AP, 10/03/2023

"Gas Furnaces Face 95% Efficiency Standard With Final DOE Rule"

"The Biden administration has finalized national efficiency rules for residential gas furnaces affecting about a third of all US homes, updating a 36-year-old standard that effectively phases out older furnace models."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 10/03/2023

Onondaga Nation Take Centuries-Old Land Rights Case To International Panel

"The Onondaga Nation has protested for centuries that illegal land grabs shrank its territory from what was once thousands of square miles in upstate New York to a relatively paltry patch of land south of Syracuse. ... So now the nation is presenting its case to an international panel."

Source: AP, 10/02/2023

"Biden to Offer Smallest-Ever Offshore Oil Rights Sale Plan"

"The Biden administration is charting plans to sell offshore oil-drilling rights in the Gulf of Mexico over the next five years, while trimming the program to its smallest level ever.

The oil leasing plan being released by the Interior Department on Friday will contain only a low number of sales, according to people familiar with the deliberations who declined to be named because the blueprint isn’t yet public. That’s far from the 11 sales the agency proposed last year, and it would be the lowest in history.

Source: Bloomberg, 09/29/2023

"Industrial Air Pollution Battle Set to Move Beyond Smokestacks"

"Advocates and communities pushing for increased air pollution monitoring at industrial facilities are stretching the limits of long-standing emission control requirements that have largely stopped at smokestacks."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 09/28/2023

Britain Approves New North Sea Oil Drilling, Pleasing Industry Not Greens

"Britain on Wednesday gave the go-ahead for a major oil and gas project in the North Sea, ignoring warnings from scientists and the United Nations that countries must stop developing new fossil fuel resources if the world is to avoid catastrophic climate change."

Source: AP, 09/28/2023


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