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Environmentalists Hail Nevada Supreme Court Ruling on Water Management

"The Nevada Supreme Court unanimously ruled last week that the state can restrict new groundwater pumping if it will impact other users and wildlife, a decision that strikes a blow to the plan of a developer that at one time hoped to build a new city of 250,000 people in the Mojave Desert and could shift how groundwater is managed in the driest U.S. state."

Source: Inside Climate News, 02/01/2024

California's Landmark Climate Disclosure Laws Challenged By Business Groups

"Major U.S. business groups sued California on Tuesday seeking to overturn the state's new sweeping climate disclosure laws that require companies to publicly report their greenhouse gas emissions and climate-related financial risks."

Source: Reuters, 02/01/2024

"Millions Of Americans Face Risk Of A Toxic ‘Bomb Train’"

"Less than a year ago, a disastrous train derailment sent a massive plume of dangerous chemicals billowing over East Palestine, Ohio, startling the town of nearly 5,000 residents and onlookers nationwide. Now, a new report warns that more of these catastrophes may loom: At any given moment, more than an estimated 3 million people are unknowingly at risk, as toxic trains full of a highly combustible and carcinogenic chemical used to make plastic move between Texas and New Jersey."

Source: Washington Post, 01/31/2024

"In a Steel Town Outside Pittsburgh, an Old Fight Over Air Quality Drags On"

"The debate over a pollution permit in Clairton, Pennsylvania, home to the nation’s largest coke plant, pits environmental groups and residents concerned about public health against U.S. Steel and its supporters."

Source: Inside Climate News, 01/31/2024

Great Basin Tribes Want Massacre Site In Nevada Named National Monument

"White attackers turned a lush, high desert oasis in eastern Nevada, with its bubbling springs and a rare stand of Rocky Mountain junipers, into killing fields. They massacred hundreds of Native people there in the 1800s — a horrific history once retold in hushed tones behind closed doors."

Source: AP, 01/30/2024

Viral Pork TikToks? It’s a Government-Backed Group Pushing Meat On Gen Z.

"Ad campaigns from controversial quasi-government programs for pork, dairy, and beef are raising new questions around the checkoff program’s foray into social media."

Source: Politico, 01/30/2024


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