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"U.S. EPA Opens Civil Rights Probe Into Mississippi Capital's Water Crisis"

"The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday opened an investigation into Mississippi state agencies to determine if they violated civil rights in the majority Black city of Jackson in the course of funding of the city's water infrastructure."

Source: Reuters, 10/21/2022

"EPA To Further Slash Emissions From Climate Super-Pollutants"

"The Environmental Protection Agency announced plans Thursday to further cut emissions of climate super-pollutants widely used in air conditioning and refrigeration, the latest step in the United States’ effort to phase down the potent greenhouse gases."

Source: Washington Post, 10/21/2022

"Sparkling Fish, Murky Methods: The Global Aquarium Trade"

"After diving into the warm sea off the coast of northern Bali, Indonesia, Made Partiana hovers above a bed of coral, holding his breath and scanning for flashes of color and movement. Hours later, exhausted, he returns to a rocky beach, towing plastic bags filled with his darting, exquisite quarry: tropical fish of all shades and shapes."

Source: AP, 10/20/2022

"Missouri School To Close After Radioactive Waste Report"

"A Missouri school board decided Tuesday to shut down a grade school that sits near a contaminated creek after a study funded by law firms involved in a class-action lawsuit found high levels of radioactive material inside the school."

Source: AP, 10/19/2022

"New Jersey Latest State To Sue Oil Companies Over Climate Misinformation"

"New Jersey has joined the ranks of Rhode Island, Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota and Vermont as the latest state to sue some of the world’s largest oil companies for their role in delaying climate policy and increasing the climate impacts, risks and costs borne by state governments."

Source: Guardian, 10/19/2022

"First Lease Sale To Be Held For Offshore Wind On West Coast"

"The Biden administration will hold the first-ever lease sale for offshore wind energy on the West Coast, officials said Tuesday. The Dec. 6 sale will target areas in the Pacific Ocean off central and northern California— the first U.S. auction for commercial-scale floating offshore wind energy development."

Source: AP, 10/19/2022


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