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"Cow-Harming ‘Forever Chemicals’ Strain USDA’s Relief Resources"

"Dairy farmer Art Schaap had to watch his cows slowly die for over three years before the federal government paid him for the animals — contaminated with toxic “forever chemicals” from a nearby military base."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 10/25/2022

"EPA Details Plan to Improve Long-Criticized New Chemical Reviews"

"The EPA outlined new tools and technology it plans to use to review the risks of new chemicals, part of an effort to address criticism about slow assessments, lack of transparency, and deficient consideration of potential hazards."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 10/25/2022

Climate Censorship, Part II, Courtesy Wall Street Journal’s Editorial Board

A new quarrel over climate reporting, prompted by an editorial charging “censorship,” has the WatchDog troubled by the difficulty of finding a path for transparency. The latest WatchDog Opinion takes a look at the dispute, how online platforms like Twitter fit in and the limits of the laws on disinformation in the United States and Europe, all as part of an effort to chart a path forward for journalism.

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Sleuths Tap Obscure Toxics Database To ID Loophole on PFAS

Data specialists working with two databases, one familiar and one little-known, have uncovered how companies may be able to hide releases of the family of toxic PFAS chemicals. The latest Reporter’s Toolbox details the data revelation and explores how journalists may make use of the Chemical Data Reporting service’s datasets for their own stories.

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"After 60 Years, ‘Silent Spring’ Is Still Changing the World"

"A scientist, farmer, journalist, biologist, and community organizer reflect on the power and ongoing impact of Rachel Carson’s groundbreaking book, and the work that remains to be done."

Source: Civil Eats, 10/21/2022


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