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"Thousands Allowed To Bypass Environmental Rules In Pandemic"

"Thousands of oil and gas operations, government facilities and other sites won permission to stop monitoring for hazardous emissions or otherwise bypass rules intended to protect health and the environment because of the coronavirus outbreak, The Associated Press has found."

Source: AP, 08/25/2020

Dems’ Climate Plan Takes Aim At The Fossil Industry’s Political Power

"Senate Democrats are set to release a 200-page plan arguing that significant US climate action will require stripping the fossil fuel industry of its influence over the government and the public’s understanding of the crisis."

Source: Guardian, 08/25/2020

Bringing Stories Home Under Lockdown, With Remote Video Interviews

They’ve long been a staple of the news business. But now, with the pandemic continuing to keep journalists from their subjects, remote video interviews have become an essential tool. And even newbie video reporters can quickly learn the basics. Science video producer Eli Kintisch shares a quick eight-step remote video setup and some simple tricks of the trade, in this SEJournal how-to.

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"North Dakota to Proceed With Lawsuit Over Dakota Access Protests"

"North Dakota’s lawsuit can proceed against the federal government to force it to pay $38 million in costs the state incurred to respond to protests over the Dakota Access pipeline in 2016 and 2017, a federal judge ruled Wednesday."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 08/20/2020

Renewable Energy Firms Fight Endangered Species Status For Joshua Trees

"Renewable energy corporations have launched an eleventh-hour campaign to derail a petition seeking endangered species protection for Joshua trees, saying it could hinder development of the solar and wind power projects California needs to wean itself off fossil fuels."

Source: LA Times, 08/19/2020

"Democrats Drop Demand To End Fossil Fuel Subsidies From Party Platform"

"Joe Biden and running mate Kamala Harris each ran on axing subsidies, but the party said including that in the final draft of the platform was an “error.”"

"The Democratic National Committee this week quietly dropped language calling for an end to fossil fuel subsidies and tax breaks from its party platform, HuffPost has learned.

Source: HuffPost, 08/19/2020


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