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"Chlorine Plant Fire Has Residents Sheltering After Hurricane"

"A fire at a Louisiana chlorine plant erupted with thick, billowing smoke Thursday after Hurricane Laura plowed through part of the country’s petrochemical corridor with storm surges and fierce wind, forcing residents around the plant to shelter in their homes."

Source: AP, 08/28/2020

NPR-A: "Environmental Groups Sue To Block Alaska’s Arctic Drilling"

"Environmental groups filed lawsuits aimed at halting efforts by the Trump administration to open up wide swaths of Alaska’s Arctic to oil drilling. Two separate lawsuits were filed late Monday challenging the Bureau of Land Management’s plan to allow drilling on more than 18 million acres of land in the National Petroleum Reserve-Alaska."

Source: AP, 08/26/2020

"Trump’s Arctic Drilling Plan Challenged Over Polar Bear Threat"

"Environmentalists and Alaska natives are challenging the Trump administration’s decision to sell drilling rights in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, arguing the government gave short shrift to the impact on polar bears and the region’s other wildlife. The groups said they filed a pair of lawsuits Monday in a U.S. district court in Alaska, setting up an election-year battle over the controversial plan, even as the Interior Department prepares for a possible auction."

Source: Bloomberg, 08/25/2020

"Half Million Acres on Oil Auction Block as Greens Fear Land Rush"

"The Interior Department is set to auction oil and gas drilling rights to an area of federal land roughly twice the size of Los Angeles over the next six weeks, as part of its first oil and gas lease sales since March."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 08/25/2020


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