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"Kentucky Republicans Split Over Renewed Law to Prop Up Costly Coal Plants"

"Last month, one of the nation’s top Republican donors became a flashpoint in a debate over the outsized power coal has in the state of Kentucky."

Source: Sierra, 05/07/2024

"Climate Change-Driven Insurance Crisis Threatens New US States"

"After major providers quit California, Florida, and Louisiana, insurers are starting to pull back in other U.S. states, leaving homeowners struggling to find affordable cover for the risk of being hit by floods, wildfires or hurricanes."

Source: Thomson Reuters Fdn., 05/06/2024

New California Bill Could Allow Developers To Cut Down More Joshua Trees

"Environmentalists warn that a California Democrat’s bill “drives a bulldozer” through the state’s new law that protects imperiled Joshua trees from commercial development. But the lawmaker says his impoverished desert region desperately needs the economic boost."

Source: CalMatters, 05/03/2024

"Opinion: Can Nonprofit News Save the South From Itself?"

"When I moved here in 1987, Nashville had two daily newspapers: a morning paper, The Tennessean, whose editorial page leaned left; and an evening paper, the Nashville Banner, whose editorial page leaned right. I still subscribe to The Tennessean, but the Banner is long gone. In 1998, The Tennessean bought its longtime competitor and shut it down."

Source: NYTimes, 04/30/2024

"Appalachia’s Recreation Industry Faces Climate Change Challenges"

"The impacts of climate change are steadily and exponentially being felt here in Appalachia just as they have across the globe, and environmental activists, scientists and outdoor enthusiasts alike find themselves in a race to counter the climate curve in the region."

Source: 100 Days in Appalachia, 04/29/2024

"This New Biden Rule Will Save Americans $2 Billion On Utility Bills"

"The Biden administration has finalized a major rule change that raises the bar for real estate developers who want newly built homes to qualify for U.S. government-backed loans, laying the groundwork for a massive overhaul in the way Americans build houses."

Source: HuffPost, 04/29/2024


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