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"Chesapeake Energy, Fracking Pioneer, Files For Bankruptcy Owing $9bn"

"Chesapeake Energy, the shale gas drilling pioneer that helped to turn the United States into a global energy powerhouse, has filed for bankruptcy protection." "The Oklahoma City-based company helped turn the US into a global energy powerhouse but ran up huge debts in the process".


Source: Guardian, 06/29/2020

Post-COVID-19 City Design May Transform Built Environment

In the aftermath of the pandemic, the so-called built environment is likely to get a thorough reexamination, whether it’s to reconsider commuting, shopping, recreation, eating out or taking in sporting events. Our latest Issue Backgrounder looks at the top ways coronavirus will force us to rethink our cities and how we live in and travel through them.

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Altered Office Environments Will Likely Greet Workers Returning From Quarantine

The indoor air in offices was already a potential health risk even before COVID-19. But now amid the pandemic coronavirus, not to mention other ever-present biological threats, indoor environmental hazards make it more likely than ever that offices will look and function differently in coming days. TipSheet takes a look and offers more than a dozen story ideas and resources.

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"U.S. House Democrats Unveil $1.5 Trillion Infrastructure Plan"

"U.S. House of Representatives Democrats on Thursday unveiled a $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill that they will seek to pass in coming weeks, arguing it has been made more urgent by the coronavirus pandemic."

Source: Reuters, 06/19/2020


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