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"Fossil Fuel Companies Donated $700M To US Universities Over 10 Years"

"Six fossil fuel companies funneled more than $700m in research funding to 27 universities in the US from 2010 to 2020, according to a new study. Such funding at universities that conduct climate research can shift not just research agendas, but also policy in the direction of climate solutions the industry prefers, the report’s authors argue."

Source: Guardian, 03/02/2023

"Maryland PSC Appointee With Ties To Fossil Fuels Withdraws"

"Gov. Wes Moore’s nominee to the Maryland Public Service Commission withdrew from consideration on Tuesday, after environmentalists criticized the appointment of someone who was an official in the fossil fuel industry."

Source: AP, 03/01/2023

"Here's Why Arizona Says It Can Keep Growing Despite Historic Megadrought"

"Drive traffic-clogged Interstate 10 through Phoenix's West Valley suburbs and you'd hardly know the Southwest is as dry as it's been in 1,200 years. Water gulping data centers, large warehouses and distribution centers have sprouted in the barren desert. Housing development after housing development is slated for construction."

Source: NPR, 03/01/2023

"How Environmentally Conscious Investing Became a Target of Conservatives"

"It’s been a widely accepted trend in financial circles for nearly two decades. But suddenly, Republicans have launched an assault on a philosophy that says that companies should be concerned with not just profits but also how their businesses affect the environment and society."

Source: NYTimes, 03/01/2023

Biden Adm Global Plastics Plan Dubbed ‘Low Ambition’ and ‘Underwhelming’

"Critics are describing the Biden administration’s opening position in a United Nations effort to reach a global treaty or agreement to end plastic waste as vague and weak, despite its recognition of a need to end plastic pollution by 2040."

Source: Inside Climate News, 02/28/2023

"Biden Nominates Ajay Banga To Lead World Bank"

"The White House is touting Banga’s experience with financial inclusion and climate change".

"The Biden administration on Thursday nominated Ajay Banga, a former Mastercard executive who is now vice chairman at the private equity firm General Atlantic, to be the next president of the World Bank.

Banga is still subject to a months-long confirmation process before the bank’s board reaches a final decision. As the bank’s largest shareholder, the United States has typically chosen its leader, although other countries could still put forward nominations of their own.

Source: Washington Post, 02/24/2023
March 1, 2023

Conservation Messaging in the Bucketlist Era

How do we leverage growing interest in nature-based tourism to promote responsible travel and educate visitors? Join the Yale Center for Environmental Communication for a panel discussion with international sustainable tourism and conservation experts. 5:30-6:30 p.m. ET.

March 7, 2023

6th GLF Investment Case Symposium

Local and international leaders and experts in sustainable finance for nature will gather in Luxembourg at the 6th GLF Investment Case Symposium to discuss how the financial sector can help overcome the world's biodiversity and climate crises. Media accreditation available. Online or in Luxembourg.



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