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Does Climate’s Future Depend on Better Batteries?

The path of our planetary climate may depend largely on our transition away from energy sources that cause global warming. And that, in turn, may rely on one thing: improved batteries. The new Backgrounder explores the future of energy storage — how batteries work, the progress the technology has made and the brutal battery competition ahead between the United States and China.

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"Biden EPA, Climate Budget Ask Starts Debate: Jobs Vs. Deficits"

"President Joe Biden’s bold spending proposal for the EPA and climate programs could sway skeptical Republicans if it can be framed as a way of juicing the economy, some environmentalists and energy analysts said Friday."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 04/12/2021

Banks Pledge Climate Fight, But Their Boards Have Deep Fossil-Fuel Ties

"US banks are pledging to help fight the climate crisis alongside the Biden administration, but their boards are dominated by people with climate-related conflicts of interest, and they continue to invest deeply in fossil fuel projects."

Source: Guardian, 04/08/2021

"More U.S. Coal Power Retired Under Trump Than in Obama's Second Term"

"Remember all of Donald Trump’s promises to put coal miners back to work? Turns out, his repeated attacks on the environment to try and bail out dirty fuels were all for naught. More coal-fired power was taken off the grid under Trump’s presidency than under former President Barack Obama’s second term, a new analysis from Global Energy Monitor shows."

Source: Earther, 04/06/2021

Fossil Firms Took Billions in Virus Aid but Still Cut Nearly 60,000 Jobs

"When Congress looked to prop up a tanking economy and stanch its hemorrhaging of employment as the pandemic spread last year, the oil industry was among those that sought relief. Now, a new analysis shows that dozens of fossil fuel companies received billions of dollars in tax benefits in the coronavirus relief package, but slashed tens of thousands of jobs anyway."

Source: Inside Climate News, 04/06/2021


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