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BP Paid Rural Mexicans a “Pittance” for Carbon Credits

"In the coldest months of the year, thick fog blankets the mountain village of Coatitila in eastern Mexico, hiding the bulging, pine-covered hills that cradle it. At midday, the sun pulls back the fog to expose patches of blight where trees have been axed for logging or farm work."

Source: Bloomberg, 07/08/2022

"Environmental Justice Advocates Slam Supreme Court Ruling"

"The Supreme Court decision to limit how the Environmental Protection Agency regulates carbon dioxide emissions from power plants could make an already grave situation worse for those affected most by climate change and air pollution, advocates say."

Source: AP, 07/05/2022

"OPEC Reaffirms Slightly Higher Oil Output"

"With President Biden preparing to visit Saudi Arabia in July, the kingdom and its oil-exporting allies ratified slightly elevated crude oil output while waiting to see whether additional spare capacity would be needed to deal with sanctions on Russia or output disruptions in countries such as Libya or Nigeria."

Source: Washington Post, 07/01/2022

"Court: Land Swap For Ariz. Mine Doesn’t Violate Tribal Rights"

"A federal appeals court ruled that a federal land swap giving a Native American tribal holy site in Arizona to a private mining company so it could be the site of a copper mine would not violate the tribe’s religious freedoms."

Source: E&E News, 06/28/2022

Bank Group Accused Of Loopholes And ‘Greenwashing’ In Climate Pledge

"Banks that have signed up to a global climate pledge, led by Mark Carney, a former governor of the Bank of England, can still invest unlimited amounts in coal mining and coal power, despite promises to tighten the rules on their lending."

Source: Guardian, 06/16/2022


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