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"Auto-Industry Group Assails Biden’s Plan to Electrify America’s Cars"

"The auto industry’s largest lobbying organization has come out against the Biden administration’s most ambitious climate change regulation, a proposed rule designed to ensure that two-thirds of new passenger cars sold in the United States are all-electric by 2032."

Source: NYTimes, 06/29/2023

Punitive Damages Add To Costs For Pacificorp’s Role In 2020 Wildfires

"Two days after jurors in Multnomah County found that the utility PacifiCorp was to blame for wildfires in 2020, they ordered the company to pay punitive damages. That’s in addition to the more than $70 million already owed to the plaintiffs in the case."

Source: OPB, 06/28/2023

Fertilizer Giant Threw Fundraiser for Sponsor of FL ‘Radioactive Roads’ Bill

"Tampa-based Fortune 500 fertilizer company Mosaic last month hosted and paid nearly $25,000 for a fundraising event for the state lawmaker who sponsored the controversial “radioactive roads” bill recently approved by the Florida Legislature."

Source: Tampa Bay Times, 06/26/2023

"Russia, China Block Move For New Antarctic Marine Reserves"

"Members of a multinational group on Antarctic conservation failed to agree Friday on a roadmap for the creation of three new marine protected areas—a goal that has proven elusive for years."

Source: AFP, 06/26/2023

"Ford Gets $9.2 Billion to Help US Catch Up With China’s EV Dominance"

"A deep-pocketed US government program designed to finance futuristic energy businesses is issuing a conditional $9.2 billion loan to Ford Motor Co. for the construction of three battery factories." "It’s one of the biggest loans to a US carmaker in more than a decade – and a watershed moment in Biden’s $400 billion plan to go all in on green technologies."

Source: Bloomberg Green, 06/23/2023

Lenders Continue Pouring Money Into Meat and Dairy, Despite Climate Promises

"The world’s biggest development banks have agreed that they will funnel their financial support to businesses that promise to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. But a new analysis published Wednesday by animal and environmental advocacy groups says those banks have given billions to big livestock and grain companies expanding greenhouse gas-intensive agricultural systems."

Source: Inside Climate News, 06/22/2023

Tribal Activists Oppose Nevada Mine Key to Biden's Clean Energy Agenda

"Just 45 miles from the Fort McDermitt Indian Reservation where Daranda Hinkey and her family corral horses and cows, a centerpiece of President Joe Biden’s clean energy plan is taking shape: construction of one of the largest lithium mines in the world."

Source: AP, 06/21/2023


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