"As Bear Population Grows, More States Look At Hunts"

"Wildlife officials don't usually base hunting policies on how the public feels about an animal. But the black bear seems to be different. The revered king of the forest has bounced back from near-extinction to being a nuisance in some areas. Some states are trying to figure out if residents can live at peace with bears, or if they'd rather have hunters keep numbers in check."

Source: NPR, 02/21/2012
April 12, 2024

DEADLINE: Wildscreen Panda Awards Film Competition

The biennial Wildscreen Festival in the UK, Oct 14-18, 2024, is a celebration of wildlife filmmaking and photography. The Panda Awards celebrate the craft of wildlife filmmaking and photography and honor the very best that the industry is producing. Deadlines: regular – Apr 12; late – May 10.


Tap the Encyclopedia of Life's Vast Reservoir of Knowledge

From the latest issue of SEJ's biweekly TipSheet: EOL, which is searchable by both common and scientific terms, has vastly expanded its content since its launch in 2008 and now provides extensive nitty-gritty on about half of all described species, as laid out in more than 950,000 pages and more than 760,000 images.

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"Alaska Expands Aerial Shooting of Bears"

"In a new package of policies criticized even by some hunters, the Alaska Board of Game on Tuesday opened the door to aerial gunning of bears by state wildlife officials. It also debated a measure that would allow more widespread snaring of bears — including grizzlies, which are officially considered threatened across most of the U.S."

Source: LA Times, 01/18/2012


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