"Swine Fever Threatens Food Source For Millions As Disease Hits Wild Herds"

"Populations of wild pigs are crashing due to the spread of African swine fever (ASF), threatening the livelihoods of millions who depend on them for food, researchers warn. With a fatality rate of almost 100%, ASF has swept across Asia, Europe and Africa, devastating domestic and wild pig populations over the past 10 to 20 years."

Source: Guardian, 01/24/2024

"Migratory Bird Rule Likely Shelved Until After November Election"

"A new rule imposing penalties for migratory bird killings associated with energy development, construction, and poaching is unlikely to be proposed by the Interior Department before the end of the current presidential term, legal experts say."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 01/24/2024

Billions Of Cicadas Will Buzz This Spring As Two Broods Emerge At Once

"Much of the eastern United States can prepare for what one entomologist described as a "spectacular, macabre Mardi Gras" this spring. The event Jonathan Larson, an extension entomologist at the University of Kentucky, is referring to is the simultaneous emergence of two cicada broods that will erupt in states from Virginia to Illinois come late April through June."

Source: NPR, 01/22/2024

Analysis: "Bird Populations Are Declining. Some Are In Your Neighborhood."

"I’m on a Zoom call with a team of researchers from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology, their gridded video feeds a sort of Hollywood Squares of bird nerds, and we’re discussing the decline and fall of North America’s bird population — a staggering loss of 3 billion breeding adults, or nearly 30 percent of the population, in just a half century — when all of a sudden Gus Axelson picks up his binoculars and peers out the window."

Source: Washington Post, 01/18/2024

Crop-Killing Weeds Advance Across US Farms As Chemicals Lose Effectiveness

"Crop-killing weeds such as kochia are advancing across the U.S. northern plains and Midwest, in the latest sign that weeds are developing resistance to chemicals faster than companies including Bayer and Corteva can develop new ones to fight them."

Source: Reuters, 01/17/2024


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