"Ecotourism Collapse Threatens Communities And Wildlife"

"From the vast plains of the Masai Mara in Kenya to the delicate corals of the Aldabra atoll in the Seychelles, conservation work to protect some of the world’s most important ecosystems is facing crisis following a collapse in ecotourism during the Covid-19 pandemic."

Source: Guardian, 05/06/2020

"As Calls To Shutter Wildlife Markets Grow, China Struggles"

"Last Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on China to shut down wet markets where illegal wildlife are sold. Pompeo’s call was echoed by the Australian government, which on the same day urged G20 countries to take action on wildlife markets in order to reduce the risk of new diseases like COVID-19 spilling over into humans in the future. Lost in both statements was a recognition of the complexity of China’s wildlife trade or the scale of the challenge it now faces."

Source: Mongabay, 04/29/2020

Trump Cuts US Research On Bat-Human Virus Transmission Over China Ties

"The Trump administration abruptly cut off funding for a project studying how coronaviruses spread from bats to people after reports linked the work to a lab in Wuhan, China, at the center of conspiracy theories about the Covid-19 pandemic’s origins."

Source: Politico, 04/29/2020

"Silence Is Golden For Whales As Lockdown Reduces Ocean Noise"

"In cities, human lockdowns during the coronavirus pandemic have offered some respite to the natural world, with clear skies and the return of wildlife to waterways. Now evidence of a drop in underwater noise pollution has led experts to predict the crisis may also be good news for whales and other sea mammals."

Source: Guardian, 04/28/2020


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