Scientists Could Bring Back Woolly Mammoths. But Maybe They Shouldn't

"Using recovered DNA to "genetically resurrect" an extinct species — the central idea behind the Jurassic Park films — may be moving closer to reality with the creation this week of a new company that aims to bring back woolly mammoths thousands of years after the last of the giants disappeared from the Arctic tundra."

Source: NPR, 09/15/2021

Bitcoin Uses More Electricity Than Many Countries. How Is That Possible?

"Cryptocurrencies have emerged as one of the most captivating, yet head-scratching, investments in the world. They soar in value. They crash. ... And in the process of simply existing, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, one of the most popular, use astonishing amounts of electricity."

Source: NYTimes, 09/07/2021

Fossil Fuel Industry Pitches Carbon Capture As Climate Cure. But Is It?

Carbon capture and storage technology has been around for years, but is being repositioned as a way to continue using fossil fuels in the face of climate change. Backgrounder takes a close look at how it works, its history and its politics. But even as the technology is taken up by Congress, the question is: Does the math add up?

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"Heat Kills. This Underfunded Program Could Help."

"Heat kills in the big city. So does lack of air conditioning. Of the roughly 70 New Yorkers directly killed by heat exposure in their own homes over the past decade, the majority — some 80% — did not own air conditioners, and those who did weren’t running them when they died."

Source: E&E News, 08/24/2021


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