June 26, 2024

AHCJ/IRE Webinar Series: Follow the Money — The Business of Health Care

AHCJ and IRE are collaborating on a free, four-webinar series combining their respective expertise in health reporting, data and investigative journalism. Register for "Coverage 101: Understanding private health insurance and Medicare/Medicaid plus a new tool for reporting on your state,” 1-2 p.m. ET on Jun 26.


The Industry ‘Scandal’ That Might Upend How America Builds Houses

"Fossil fuel companies are trying to strip a series of climate-friendly measures out of the latest round of model building codes used to regulate construction virtually everywhere in the United States."

Source: HuffPost, 02/07/2024

"The Dawn Of The Clean Hydrogen Economy"

"Clean electricity alone won’t get us to a fossil-fuel-free society — we’ll need other tools to fully decarbonize. ​“Clean” hydrogen, for all of its hype and baggage, might be the most promising way to cut carbon from difficult sectors like aviation and steelmaking. It could also be a boondoggle or a bust — it all depends on how the gas is made and how it’s used."

Source: Canary Media, 02/06/2024

"Energy Department Sets Efficiency Standards For Gas Stoves"

"The Department of Energy unveiled a heavily anticipated, scaled-back regulation Monday to cut greenhouse gas emissions from stovetop cooking in the U.S., going with a compromise that pleased gas stove producers and environmentalists alike."

Source: E&E News, 01/30/2024

"The Biggest Solar-Plus-Storage Project In The US Just Came Online"

"The largest combined solar and energy-storage project in the U.S. is now online and operating in California’s Mojave Desert." "The new California installation has nearly 2 million solar panels, more than 120,000 batteries, and an enormous amount of clean energy capacity."

Source: Canary Media, 01/26/2024

"Chart: The World Is Building Renewable Energy Faster Than Ever Before"

"Renewable energy didn’t just grow last year — it expanded at a pace not seen in years. An estimated 507 gigawatts of renewable electricity were added to grids around the world in 2023 — a new record, and an almost 50 percent year-over-year increase from 2022."

Source: Canary Media, 01/22/2024


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