"Texas Blackouts Point to Coast-to-Coast Crises Waiting to Happen"

"Even as Texas struggled to restore electricity and water over the past week, signs of the risks posed by increasingly extreme weather to America’s aging infrastructure were cropping up across the country."

Source: NYTimes, 02/22/2021

Could Hackers Poison Your Local Drinking Water?

A computer hacker nearly succeeded recently in rendering a local Florida facility a source of poisonous drinking water. And the risk of other such hacks is real, even as the vulnerabilities are hidden behind stringent U.S. secrecy laws. The latest TipSheet explores dangers to our drinking water supply — which go well beyond future hacking.

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An Invisible, Odorless Gas Is Pitting Texas Against The Biden Admin

"Deep in the heart of Texas, above an oil patch about the size of Kansas, a little team in a small plane is trying to reveal a big problem. They are methane hunters. With an infrared camera and a Picarro Cavity Ring-Down Laser Spectroscope, they fly spirals over pumps and compressor stations that stretch to both horizons."

Source: CNN, 02/11/2021

Biden Wants 100% Clean Energy. Will California Show That It’s Possible?

"The undersea power line would run south from San Luis Obispo County, hugging the California coast for 200 miles before making landfall in or near Los Angeles. It would be able to carry electricity from a fleet of offshore wind turbines, providing Southern California with clean power after sundown and helping to replace fossil-fueled generators."

Source: LA Times, 02/11/2021

"U.S. Trade Authorities Deal Blow To Biden’s Electric Vehicle Plans"

"The U.S. International Trade Commission on Wednesday banned one of the world’s biggest electric vehicle battery manufacturers from selling its cells in the United States, striking  a blow to the Biden administration’s ambitious plan to electrify the nation’s auto fleet."

Source: HuffPost, 02/11/2021


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