SEJ's Fund for Environmental Journalism Awards $47,605 to Support Stories on the U.S. Clean Energy Transition

The Fund for Environmental Journalism has awarded $47,605 for 11 projects selected through the 2023-24 round of competition for stories on the U.S. Clean Energy Transition. 100% of the story projects focus on under-represented communities or share diverse perspectives on environmental issues.


South American Lithium Mines Threaten Native Water, Culture And Wealth

"In the “lithium triangle” – a region spanning Argentina, Chile and Bolivia – native communities sit upon a treasure trove of the stuff: an estimated trillion dollars in lithium."

Source: AP, 03/14/2024

Will AI Make It Easier To Limit Press Freedom?

Artificial intelligence is at the confluence of forces — concentrated media ownership, the dominance of social media platforms — that are harming press freedoms and the work of journalists. But the WatchDog Opinion column warns AI may quickly further problems of disinformation and censorship. Here’s why, along with some hopeful responses from the journalism profession.

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March 25, 2024

DEADLINE: Next Challenge for Media & Journalism Grants

The 2024 Next Challenge for Media & Journalism is offering $150,000 in grants available to both nonprofit and for-profit startups transforming local news, building technology to power newsrooms, and pioneering new ways of distributing content around the globe. Deadline is Mar 25.

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"Gas Industry Loses Bid To Block Green Building Codes"

"The natural gas industry lost its initial bid to strip key climate-friendly measures out of national homebuilding guidelines, HuffPost has learned. The rules in the model building code will require new homes to come equipped with the circuitry to hook up induction stoves and electric car chargers, and will be used as a benchmark in almost every state."

Source: HuffPost, 03/06/2024


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