"These Startups Are Teaming Up To Decarbonize Cement And Concrete"

"Cement and concrete are essential building blocks of modern society — and they’re both extremely carbon-intensive to produce. In recent years, startups across the country have begun devising novel ways of making low-carbon construction materials, including by using methods that mimic coral reefs, recycle industrial waste or replace fossil-fueled kilns with electricity."

Source: Canary Media, 01/18/2024
January 24, 2024

SciLine Media Briefing: Renewable Energy and the Grid

SciLine’s next media briefing will summarize progress towards U.S. renewable energy goals and address hurdles that remain for communities—including technical and economic challenges, and ways that everyday life may change for individuals in a renewable future.


Crop-Killing Weeds Advance Across US Farms As Chemicals Lose Effectiveness

"Crop-killing weeds such as kochia are advancing across the U.S. northern plains and Midwest, in the latest sign that weeds are developing resistance to chemicals faster than companies including Bayer and Corteva can develop new ones to fight them."

Source: Reuters, 01/17/2024

"Floatovoltaics Could Help The Southwest Generate Power And Conserve Water"

"Just southeast of Phoenix, over 150 miles of canals sit uncovered in one of the hottest and driest regions of the country. The Gila River Indian community’s solar panel project, which would cover some of those canals with solar panels, could be the start of a new wave of such solar projects, known as floatovoltaics."

Source: Yale Climate Connections, 01/03/2024

Recycled Sewage Water — Overcoming the ‘Yuck Factor’

Toilet-to-tap water jokes aside, the technology and economics of turning sewage into potable drinking water is increasingly seen as a remedy for water-stressed communities. The new BookShelf review of “Purified: How Recycled Sewage is Transforming Our Water,” explains how water shortages, climate change, unsustainable growth and other factors have led some communities, most recently Los Angeles, to consider going “all in” on purified wastewater.

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We Went to the First EV Charging Station Funded by Infrastructure Law

"On the western outskirts of Columbus, Ohio, two doors down from a Waffle House, is a truck stop that, as of last Friday, has the first electric vehicle charging station in the country to be financed in part by the 2021 federal infrastructure law."

Source: Inside Climate News, 12/14/2023

"Americans Like Home Electrification — But Also Still Love Their Gas Stoves"

"Most Americans would prefer to live in a home where almost all major appliances run on electricity — but only if they can keep their gas stoves. Just 31 percent want to go fully electric."

Source: Grist, 12/13/2023


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