Laws & Regulations

"Study: Lead Exposure Killed More Than 5 Million People In Just One Year"

"A new study from the World Bank tallies the staggering worldwide toll: 5.5 million deaths from heart diseases because of exposure to lead in 2019 alone." "Contamination from battery recyclers, tainted cookware, and fertilizers could be contributing to the health crisis."

Source: Grist, 09/14/2023

Calif. Lawmakers Pass Groundbreaking Greenhouse Emissions Disclosure Bill

"California lawmakers have passed a bill that would require large U.S.-based companies doing business in the Golden State to publicly disclose their annual greenhouse gas emissions — the first such requirement in the nation."

Source: LA Times, 09/14/2023

"In Its Push To Build Houses, Ontario Says Energy Efficiency Has To Wait"

"Rules to ensure new homes use less energy could reduce homeowners’ bills. But at a meeting between the province and federal government, Ontario said it’s focused on building fast and cheap".

Source: The Narwhal, 09/12/2023

Laurel Peltier Took On Utilities Scamming Baltimore’s Low-Income Households

"Policymakers hoped deregulated energy markets would lower utility bills through open competition. Energy advocates found the opposite: retail energy companies are fleecing low-income communities of color in cities like Baltimore."

Source: Inside Climate News, 09/12/2023


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