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Granholm Says GOP Bill Would Weaken SPR, Result In Higher Gas Prices

"Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm is pushing back on a Republican proposal to put stipulations on withdrawing oil from the country’s strategic reserve, arguing that the measure would curtail the use of a key security tool and drive up prices."

Source: The Hill, 01/19/2023

"Federal Government Advances Big Water Projects"

"Before ending its session and swearing in new members, Congress passed a fiscal year 2023 budget with key provisions for water infrastructure and disaster recovery. That’s in addition to approving legislation that authorizes Army Corps of Engineers projects for flood protection, navigation, and environmental restoration."

Source: Circle of Blue, 01/18/2023

Whither the Permitting Reform Bill in 2023?

The complex legal obstacles that face U.S. energy projects prompted political machinations over permitting reform in the last Congress and likely will again in the new one. The latest Backgrounder explores how the energy permitting system works (or doesn’t), why Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin may really be pushing for its reform and the reason some environmentalists concede reform may have green benefits.

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Particulate Air Pollution — An Old Story Made Newer, and More Local, in 2023

Earlier this month, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency set in motion a long-overdue requirement to update a key Clean Air Act rule involving fine particulate air pollution, or PM 2.5. The latest TipSheet reviews PM 2.5’s health harms and its checkered regulatory history, while offering story ideas and key resources on how to tell the story locally.

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The New Soldiers in Propane’s Fight Against Climate Action: TV Stars

"For D.I.Y. enthusiasts, Matt Blashaw is a familiar face, judging bathroom remodels or planning surprise home makeovers on popular cable television shows. Mr. Blashaw also has an unusually strong opinion about how Americans should heat their homes: by burning propane, or liquid petroleum gas."

Source: NYTimes, 01/11/2023

"Critic Of Fossil Fuels To Lead Key Offshore Oil Agency For Biden"

"The Biden administration is using a new opening at a powerful offshore energy agency to elevate a critic of fossil fuels who previously was blocked from a top Interior Department job because of opposition from oil industry allies in the Senate."

Source: Washington Post, 01/11/2023


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