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"Biden Administration Approves Key Permit for West Virginia Gas Pipeline"

"The Biden administration has granted a crucial permit for the Mountain Valley Pipeline, a project championed by Senator Joe Manchin III of West Virginia, despite opposition from climate experts and environmental groups."

Source: NYTimes, 05/17/2023

Enviro, Oil Companies Battle Ohio Over Dumping of Fracking Wastewater

"Ten years ago, Tim Kettler asked local officials to stop spreading liquid waste from fracking on the road near his home in Warsaw, Ohio, because he was worried that the fluid would contaminate a pond where he gets his drinking water."

Source: Inside Climate News, 05/16/2023

Transportation ‘Revolution’? How The Infrastructure Law Fuels Freeways

"The Biden administration is supporting a nearly $10 billion highway expansion in Houston that ignited a yearlong debate about its climate effects and the demolition of almost 1,000 homes."

Source: E&E News, 05/16/2023

Flush With Federal Money, a Deep South Factory Votes to Unionize

"Workers at a rural Georgia factory that builds electric school buses under generous federal subsidies voted to unionize on Friday, handing organized labor and Democrats a surprise victory in their hopes to turn huge new infusions of money from Washington into a union beachhead in the Deep South."

Source: NYTimes, 05/15/2023

Environmentalists Aim To Block Gold Mine Near Yellowstone — By Buying It

"For decades, conservationists have fought against gold mining at the edge of Yellowstone National Park, fearing hard-rock extraction could fragment its wildlife habitat and pollute its waterways. Now park lovers say they say have a permanent way to preserve this crown jewel of the national park system: buying gold rights at Yellowstone’s doorstep."

Source: Washington Post, 05/12/2023

"Veterans on Borrowed Time Fume Over Delays on Toxic Water Claims"

"Nearly nine months after the government pledged to start compensating thousands of veterans sickened by toxic waters at Camp Lejeune, not a single claim has been settled, and the Navy says it needs to first launch an online portal to better manage the claims."

Source: Bloomberg Environment, 05/12/2023


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