Environmental Politics

"Americans Back Tough Limits on Building in Fire and Flood Zones"

"Americans support far more aggressive government regulation to fight the effects of climate change than elected officials have been willing to pursue so far, new research shows, including outright bans on building in flood- or fire-prone areas — a level of restrictiveness almost unheard-of in the United States."

Source: NYTimes, 09/07/2020

"Trump Administration Proposes Timber Sale In Tongass National Forest"

"The Trump administration on Friday proposed a sale that would allow logging across thousands of acres of the Tongass National Forest in Alaska, which critics say will exacerbate climate change and harm wildlife habitats."

Source: The Hill, 09/07/2020

Trump Cuts Oil & Gas Drillers' Royalties On Public Lands; States Suffer

"The oil and gas industry has been allowed to pay far less than usual to the government for the right to drill on public lands under a controversial Trump administration coronavirus relief policy, an analysis by a watchdog group and the Guardian reveals."

Source: Guardian, 09/04/2020


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