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Crisis Threatens the Country’s Most Vulnerable Region

As global warming worsens, effects like extreme heat, drought, wildfires, coastal flooding and inland flooding will have an outsized impact in the Southern United States. The latest entry in our ongoing “Covering Your Climate: The South” special report looks at those effects. Plus, read an introductory overview and watch for additional entries on climate mitigation and adaptation in the South.

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In Indian Country, Tears, Hope And Defiance Over Nomination of Haaland

"American Indians have high hopes that Deb Haaland, Biden’s pick for interior secretary, can reset the troubled relationship between the federal government and Indigenous peoples. Can she deliver?"

Source: Washington Post, 12/28/2020

"EPA to Rule on Texas Fracking Wastewater Plan Before Trump Exit"

"The EPA plans to decide the fate of a Texas oil and gas wastewater discharge plan the same day it closes public comment on the proposal, sparking concern from environmentalists that the agency is rushing to finalize the move in the waning days of the Trump administration."

Source: Bloomberg, 12/28/2020

Is the South Confronting Its Climate Threats?

The South is ground zero for the climate crisis in the United States, yet little is being done to prevent impacts or protect communities. Will the South tap its potential to be part of the solution? Our special report, “Covering Your Climate: The South,” helps reporters cover the region, starting with a backgrounder on climate concerns from Texas to Virginia.

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